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Years back, we dreamed of establishing an accounting firm that provided the residents and businesses of Washington with cost-effective tax services and support. As such, we recognized that; every industry is distinctive, and the traditional “One size fits all” tax accounting approach (method) wasn’t serving their uttermost interests.


Out of the desire to effectively assist individuals and start-up companies with their accounting needs, Proximity Tax was born.

Our Mission

Our company aims to offer clients; cutting-edge 'yet practical' tax solutions that increase profitability, foresee needs, and deliver the most outstanding level of customer services, leading to a stress-free, seamless tax season.

Our Expertise

We invest in our employees to ensure they have the knowledge and expertise to serve all clients appropriately. This includes helping you understand your tax obligations and making the most of the tax incentives accessible to you or your company.

Our Philosophy

At Proximity Tax, we delight ourselves in our personalized approach. We build long-lasting relationships with all clients, gaining extensive knowledge of their business processes and how best we can assist.

Our Experience

Our Proximity Option necessitates going the extra mile to guarantee that you get bespoke service. We do so by considering the questions we would want “addressed” if the roles were altered and how we would want “to be served” if we were the customer.


The Team

We are a family-owned firm in the Washington metro area.

Angela C. Salazar

Tax Accountant

Graduated from George Mason university with a degree in accounting. Angela has been an accountant for over 25 years. Has vast experience in several industries. Non-profit organizations, real estate, construction, and contracting. She has wanted to be an accountant since she was very young. Drawing inspiration from her godmother who was an accountant as well.

When she isn’t crunching numbers she enjoys cooking, gardening, and especially traveling.

Angela cares about impact with her clients that is why she takes the time to answer every email, take every phone call, and not rushing processes with her clients. What is most rewarding to her is when she provides relief to clients that have problems with the IRS. The security that she gives them knowing that a solution will be given to them.


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GREGORY 2021-232.jpg

Gregory Gutierrez

Tax Accountant

Starting off as a bookkeeper for small business in the industries of construction contracting, cleaning, and entrepreneurs. With the years following he progressed and worked as a payroll specialist. Following that he oversaw accounts payable & accounts receivable. Finally working his way to tax preparer for these small businesses. Through his progression he learned that the best way to have a big impact with his clients is by proactively mitigating their tax liabilities.

Gregory considers himself a teacher to his clients. It is very important to him that his clients understand the decisions they are making. So that they may take control of their financial situation.Taking the time to make the clients understand what position they are in finically, makes the job rewarding to him outside of just calculating numbers.


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